4th of July Smoothie Popsicles


It’s popsicle week! Did you even know there’s such a thing? And my contribution to this glorious week of frozen molded goodness are these 4th of July smoothie popsicles.  Yep.


That might need its own hashtag. Speaking of hashtags, check out #popsicleweek on Instagram to see all the refreshing fruity, creamy, boozy, vegan, gluten-free popsicles that are popping up for this world wide web event. (Yep. I went there.) And while you’re at it, be sure to make yourself these smoothie popsicles so you too can participate in popsicle week! By eating popsicles. Of course.

Why would you peruse popsicles otherwise? I mean really. Anyway, do you know what else these smoothie popsicles have beside patriotism?


Because of course I did. Actually, it wasn’t even my idea. A certain individual who happens to eat all my food and reside in my house kept trying to get me to make vegetable dessert. cough cough So, I took these smoothies and made them into smoothie popsicles.

Here’s the thing. I like dessert, but I generally prefer savory things over traditionally sweet things (like this savory garam masala granola and this savory oatmeal). And generally, vegetables don’t make it to the sweets table.

Except carrot cake. And occasionally beets. Okay, maybe there are a few other vegetables that have high sugar content and would lend themselves to desserts. Like corn.

I digress.

My point, is that I have managed to pull off a vegetable dessert with these smoothie popsicles. If you haven’t checked them out, the mint cucumber smoothie features cucumbers. Technically a fruit, yes, but culinarily used as a vegetable. Work with me here. The coconut smoothie features sweet corn and ginger (oh look what I did there!). And the watermelon smoothie features jalapeno. Again, fruit, I hear you. But come on. I’m trying.

In summary, these popsicle smoothies are:

  • cold
  • refreshing
  • sweet
  • patriotic
  • vegetable-ful
  • super cute
  • gluten-free
  • plant based


But, if vegetable smoothies and smoothie popsicles aren’t your thing, then check out the #popsicleweek hashtag to view so so so many other options. Better yet, check out the popsicle week page over on Wit & Vinegar to sort by popsicle type!

If you’re wondering, I used these Koji popsicle molds (<-affiliate!) for my popsicles. These Tovolo pop molds (<-affiliate!) are also recommended. I like these two styles because each popsicle is racked individually. If you’re making popsicles en masse, check out this popsicle mold (<-affiliate!).

Stay cool, party people.

4th of July Smoothie Popsicles

These 4th of July smoothie popsicles are fruit and vegetable filled! Plant based and gluten free, they’re the perfect treat to cool down!
Prep Time 6 hours
Servings 12 popsicles


  • 1 recipe watermelon smoothie
  • 1 recipe coconut smoothie
  • 1 recipe mint cucumber smoothie


  1. Pour smoothies in alternating patterns into popsicle mold until fill line.

  2. Freeze 6 hours or more.

  3. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes


If you want more precise patterns, you can pour smoothie into the molds and freeze 10 to 30 minutes before adding the next smoothie layer. It's also worth noting that I used a Vitamix high speed blender (<-affiliate) to get these smoothies ultra smooth before making them into popsicles.


Keep these smoothie popsicles vegan by leaving out the yogurt in the mint cucumber smoothie with blueberry!


Check the recipe notes for the smoothies to see if you want to add anything to these smoothie popsicles!

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