Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Food Obsessed Friends and Family


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Stocking stuffers are a relatively new phenomenon in my world. While I always had a stocking on the mantle growing up, they were never filled with gifts at any point. As immigrants, I don’t think my parents really understood that tradition.

These days, stocking stuffers have become a full blown thing around the holidays. But finding gifts that are small enough to fit in an oversized sock is a bit challenging. So, I’ve created a list of gadgets, tools, and kitchen kitch with practicality, fun, and size in mind. You can even go so far as to hang a kitchen mitt instead of a stocking for these stocking stuffer ideas for your food obsessed friends and family. (Though I really recommend these ove gloves instead of a traditional mitt.)

For the Home Cook

OXO Pepper Grinder - This is the pepper grinder of all pepper grinders. It has a ceramic grinder that adjust for fine or coarse grinding. And it’s easily refillable when you’re low on peppercorns. I love using fresh ground pepper in my cooking and this is easily my favorite kitchen addition.

Microplane zester - A few years ago, this microplane zester showed up as a stocking stuffer in my stocking. I was thrilled. I use it for zesting citrus for baked goods, grating cheese for pasta or salads, and even use it to add garlic to a sauce or dressing. There’s really no good substitute for a microplane zester. You can also use it to grate ginger, but I’ve found a ceramic grater to be even better.

Ceramic grater - I try to stay away from gadgets or devices that have a single purpose. But this ceramic grater is an exception. It is hands down the best way to get juice and flavor and ginger without having to deal with extremely fibrous parts of the ginger. I love that this model has a pour spout in the design and a built in well to catch the pulp and juice. I have only ever used it for grating ginger, but you can also use it for garlic, onions, and shallots.

Y-peeler - I’ve found that I use my Y-peeler much more frequently that a standard vegetable peeler. It’s more ergonomically shaped, and I have better control over peeling apples, cucumbers, and especially butternut squash. The compact size makes it a great stocking stuffer idea!

Knife Sharpener - I get my knives sharpened every couple months because I use them so much. But between sharpenings, I often do a little touch up with this knife sharpener. It’s especially helpful when I start to notice the burn from cutting onions. Whether you have a fancy knife or a durable inexpensive knife, keep it sharp for the very best kitchen experience.

Small mason jars - I use jars for all sorts of things. These 4-ounce jelly jars are perfect for bulk spices and tea. They double as to-go containers for salad dressing and snack packs for trail mix. Bonus stocking stuffer idea: gift mason jars filled with different goodies!

Earlywood spoons and spatulas - These spatulas are hand crafted and extremely durable. A modern, minimalist design with old world woodworking. Who can’t use a few more spatulas?

Measuring spoons - One can never have too many measuring spoons or measuring cups. Inevitably, you’ll need to re-use them when making a recipe. Stainless steel is the best, in my opinion. These are durable; the measurements are etched into the handle; and they have a rounded design easy for cleaning.

Condiment Cups - I always need tiny prep bowls for holding spices, aromatics like ginger and garlic, and garnish like cilantro and parsley. I mise en place the crap out of my kitchen and smaller is better for 75% of my ingredients. Plus, these bamboo containers are just the right size for dipping sauces served with potstickers.

Non-Stick Baking Mat - Parchment paper does just fine, but I love these non-stick mats for their durability and reusability for a little less waste in the world. These also come in different sizes so you can find the one that fits for your baking sheets. They’re great for roasting vegetables and making cookies.

For The Coffee Lover


Handheld Ceramic Coffee Grinder - I use this coffee grinder every single day. Sometimes multiple times a day when it’s a two cup kind of day or a decaf pick me up afternoon. I love how compact it is, and it’s pretty ergonomic as well. Plus, you can adjust the grind size making it compatible for french press, Chemex, or Aeropress coffee connoisseurs.

Aeropress with travel bag - While I generally avoid plastic as much as possible, aeropress coffee makers are an exception. In part because they make exceptionally great coffee. Also because they are perfect to take camping alongside the handheld coffee grinder. Plus the travel bag? Super slick.

Coffee filters - If the coffee lover in your life already has a favorite device, paper filters are a great stocking stuffer! Aeropress filters, chemex paper filters, or cone filters are always useful.

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug - This is the ultimate to-go option for hot beverages. Not only does it keep you coffee hot, it also has a leak proof flip lid. Good for bike rides, car rides, and walks with highly energetic dogs.

Delicacy Jewelry - This line of jewelry fills me with delight! They’re food oriented, personal, and simple. The coffee bean is one of my favorites, followed closely by the ginger charms. Another thing I love about this stocking stuffer idea? A portion of every purchase is donated to hunger relief organizations. So you can give an awesome gift to your food obsessed friend or family member, and give back to those in need.


For the Beverage Connoisseur

Double Hinged Waiters Corkscrew - I carry one of these in my purse. No joke. A solid double hinged waiters corkscrew is invaluable for opening a bottle of wine. This one has a great foil cutter, and the double hinge allows you to get better leverage on the cork. Plus it doubles for beer with a built in bottle cap opener.

5 in 1 Wine Stoppers - A few years ago, these little guys changed my life. I have since gifted so many of them, I’ve lost track of who doesn’t have them. It’s an all in one aerator, filter, pourer, re-corker, and stopper. For wine, I’ve found it extends the life of the bottle two to three days if I’m vigilant about using the stopper immediately after opening the bottle. And these stoppers are compatible with 22-ounce beer bottles and many liquor bottles. Win-win-win.

Vacuum Insulated Growler - For the beer aficionado, this growler is essential! It keeps beer cold for 24 hours. It keeps beer carbonated for longer. It’s perfect for taking to a microbrewery. It’s great for camping. And, you can easily label with blue tape to conform with local regulations. I got this as a gift last year, and I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve used it!

Whisky Stones - Keep your Negroni cold without watering it down. Or your Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Gin & Tonic. Whatever their beverage of choice may be, these ice alternatives are a great stocking stuffer for you cocktail sipping companion.


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