Hello and welcome! The Seasoned Vegetable is a recipe website focused on great tasting vegetables. While not exclusively vegetarian, many recipes are vegan and vegetarian. You’ll find many familiar vegetables, and perhaps a few unfamiliar ones, served up with whole grains and legumes. My goal is to provide recipes inspired by seasonal produce, that are easy to prepare and full of flavor. I hope you’ll find that:

Eating your vegetables never tasted so good.

About Elaine

Growing up in California, I’ve had a lifelong passion for food- mostly eating it! But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to truly enjoy making food and sharing meals with friends and family. I love all food, but vegetables especially. Over the years, I’ve realized there are a couple key life experiences that have defined my relationship with food.

1. In college, I read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma and became a vegetarian. A bit cliche, yes. But it totally changed how I thought about food. Actually, it got me to start thinking about food and make conscious choices about what vendors and practices I support. These days, I eat sustainably sourced meat and seafood. But I don’t usually prepare it at home, unless it’s a special occasion.

2. For two years, I cooked vegetarian meals for 15 residents of my graduate co-op, Stewart Little. As a result, I became very familiar with vegetarian cooking. I also learned a lot about buying in bulk, using what you have, and looking in the fridge or pantry to figure out dinner. Another side effect: I hardly ever make small portions of anything anymore! There aren’t as many eaters in my household these days, so we have excellent leftover selections.

After studying plants, bugs, and sustainable agriculture, I worked for a few years with a nutrition education nonprofit. I couldn’t stop talking or thinking about food. So, I decided to share my vegetable obsession with the world through this blog! I hope you’ll find a place in your kitchen for these delicious vegetables- no matter what your eating preferences may be.

Currently, I live in Sacramento, CA. It’s an amazing city with a thriving food and beverage scene, friendly communities, and the. best. farmers. market. ever. Most of the time, I’m writing, cooking, taking pictures, and doing lots of miscellaneous things for the blog. Outside of that, you can find me swing dancing, rock climbing, and eating/drinking my way through the city.